Masters in Motion® was founded in 1995 by Kris Kademian with a vision to enhance lives by bridging modern culture with the inherent benefits of traditional martial arts and holistic practices.  It was also to elevate educational standards, deliver professional services with integrity and provide prestigious trade certification.


"Masters", for striving to excellence in everything we pursue. "in Motion", for never being complacent, but always endeavoring to adapt, innovate and progress.


Over the years, that vision was realized through innovative programs, products and services that have enriched thousands of lives. Looking to the future, Masters in Motion® is committed to maximizing the human potential by promoting a healthy lifestyle and actively serving the world community to positively impact our present and future generations.

Logo with a Purpose


Our unique and distinctive logo was specifically designed to reflect our simple lifestyle philosophy and Get Fit – Stay Safe™ motto. The left part of the logo is a leaf that represents health and simplicity. The right side is a dragon that represents strength and wisdom. Together, they blend to represent our own version of balance and harmony (Yin-Yang).


Kris Kademian

Martial Arts Director

Kris Kademian is a lifelong martial arts practitioner from a rich lineage, a multiple Hall of Fame inductee and an expert in hand-to-hand and weapons systems. C.E.O. and founder of Masters in Motion, Inc.  He holds multiple master level black belts and is an instructor to instructors known for developing sought after curriculums that retain traditional teachings yet are also practical and applicable to our modern culture, ensuring the best balance of fitness, discipline and practical application.  Kris Kademian also authors the Karate Living™ self-improvement blog.  Bio

Lori Kademian

Wellness Director

Lori Kademian has worked in the nutrition and fitness industry for over 25 years. Formerly as the Director of Research and Development for a leading national nutrition education company and with hundreds of clients privately.  She was first exposed to the martial arts in college and has since developed a genuine love and passion for it, as it changed her life. Lori also overseas the Recipes for Better Living™ group on facebbok sharing her knowledge and tips on wellness. She desires to help others experience the same life changing benefits that martial arts training and natural solutions through sound nutrition and essential oils give her and her family. She has a warm friendly personality and is also our main "go to" operations person.  Bio


Tadashi Yamashita

Technichal Advisor

Tadashi Yamashita is the highest ranked Grandmaster in the USA for Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate, Matayoshi Kobudo and founder of the Suikendo system. Grandmaster Yamashita has served as instructor to celebrities, law enforcement and military worldwide. He is the President of USA Shorin Ryu Karate Association and Zen Okinawan Kobudo Association.  Grandmaster Yamashita has been featured on the covers of numerous martial arts publications, written books and is an accomplished movie star.  He is also credited for teaching Bruce Lee the use of the nunchucku.  Bio

Get fit, learn new skills, make friends and adopt a healthy lifestyle.



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