Kris Kademian

Kris Kademian is a lifelong practitioner of martial arts.  At the early age of three he was introduced to Catch Wrestling by his grandfather, Lazarus Kademian, who became his first instructor and mentor. In the years that followed Master Kademian had the opportunity to also train in many other arts including Karate, Kobudo, Kung-Fu, Ju-Jutsu, Aikido, Hapkido and Kendo.


In 1995 Master Kademian founded Masters in Motion®, to teach the best elements of all the arts he has learned.  Masters In Motion® has since developed into a professional organization where Master Kademian currently serves as CEO.

In 2000 Master Kademian began personal training with Tadashi Yamashita, an Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Grandmaster who opened a whole new dimension to the understanding and application of martial arts.  Today, Master Kademian continues to regularly train with Grandmaster Yamashita, who also serves as his mentor, adviser and friend.  He also considers Grandmaster Yamashita, along with his grandfather, as two of the most influential people in his life.

In 2005 Master Kademian developed a system based on a scientific interpretation of common elements and strategy found in all martial arts. The focus was to stress sound scientific concepts and realistic combat strategy that would universally apply to any technique.  It was also to encompass a well-rounded training curriculum that would address diverse scenarios and cultivate a strong physical and mental disposition.


This system eventually came to be known as KIBUKAN®.

Since those early days Master Kademian has instructed at multiple studios, seminars and workshops that have included civilians, law enforcement and military personnel.  He has received several black belts and Hall of Fame inductions and is a sought after teacher and mentor.  Today, Master Kademian continues to train and work hard, always seeking ways to improve his unique system, ensuring that it preserves its rich heritage and remains adaptable to modern needs.

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International Martial Arts Hall of Fame



History Museum Hall of Fame

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The Documented Lineage of Kris Kademian


Lineage is a historical record of the formal development, transition and progression of an art form that signifies heritage, authenticity and "right of succession".




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