"Change your life with proven martial arts training that will transform your body, sharpen your mind and energize your spirit."

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Masters In Motion® training curriculums cover all areas of martial arts including Striking, Grappling and Weapons. We incorporate multiple disciplines presented through a unified dynamic system called Kibukan®, utilizing science and strategy to overcome size and strength, leveraging natural movement to achieve maximum efficiency, fluidity and power. Training is traditionally modern providing opportunities to obtain authentic ranking, professional certification and a lifetime path to mastery. It is also a gateway to personal enrichment that promotes a good life attitude and instills a strong sense of confidence in every area of life.


Benefits of Training


Classes are formalized between two main programs. Striking and  grappling are covered under Karate, while weapons are covered under Kobudo. Karate classes are based on the core linage arts of Shōrin-ryū Karate and various other grappling systems. Shōrin-ryū is one of the oldest Okinawan mixed martial arts tracing its roots back to the Shaolin Temple of China. It is not a sport and has historically always included striking, grappling and weapons making it a complete martial art.



Kobudō classes are based on the core linage art of Matayoshi Kobudō and various other weapons systems. Kobudō is a Japanese term that can be translated as "old martial way", reminiscent of the feudal times in Japan.  Kobudo curriculums vary and can include a diverse number and types of weapons used. Ours includes BO (staff), SAI (short sword), TONFA (batton), KAMA (sickle), NUCHAKU (roped sticks), HANBO (short sticks), TANTO (knife), TIMBE (Sheild) and the KATANA (samurai sword).


Training Opportunities

Get fit, learn new skills, make friends and adopt a healthy lifestyle.




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