Our group training curriculums are comprehensive and formalized between two main programs, Karate & Kobudo.  Striking, grappling and all things unarmed are covered through Karate, while weapons are covered through Kobudo.  Training is specifically organized to offer a balanced mix of traditional structure, modern fitness and practical self-defense, using a systematic approach to getting fit, improving health and acquiring practical skills.

Karate Program

Our group Karate classes are based on the core art of Koboyashi Shōrin-ryū Karate. It is one of the major Okinawan martial arts and also the oldest known style of Karate spanning several generations. "Shōrin" is the Okinawan pronunciation of “Shaolin” as in the Shaolin Temple of China. "Ryu" means "source".


Shōrin-ryū Karate is not a sport and has historically always included striking, grappling and weapons making it a complete martial art for self-defense and combat.

Kobudo Program

Our group Kobudō classes are based on the core art of Matayoshi Kobudō and various other weapons systems. Kobudō is a Japanese term that can be translated as "old martial way", reminiscent of the feudal times in Japan when weapons were used in combat.

Kobudo curriculums vary and can include a diverse number and types of weapons used.  Ours includes BO (six foot staff), SAI (short swords), TONFA (side-handled batton), KAMA (sickle), NUCHAAKU (roped sticks) HANBO (short sticks), TANTO (knife), TIMBE (Sheild) and the KATANA (samurai sword).

Age Appropriate Classes


KINDERS (3-5yrs)


The Kinders curriculum provides an introduction to the fun and healthy world of Masters In Motion® martial arts.  Kids participate in challenging techniques, healthy exercise and fun martial art games designed to build a strong foundation and essential life skills in a goal oriented motivating way.  Parents also participate in the training to aid in the child's development providing the moral support necessary at this tender age.

JUNIORS (6-12yrs)


The Juniors curriculum is the ultimate confidence builder that gives kids a healthy advantage in life.  Kids get fit, learn practical social skills and exceptional self-defense to better deal with their peers, bullies and violent offenders. They also learn threat avoidance including "stranger danger", all in a goal oriented structured environment, making them better prepared to deal with the challenges of life.



Everyone has different life goals when beginning their journey in martial arts.  Some are drawn to the physical fitness, stress-reduction and weight-loss benefits.  Others seek to add discipline to their lives, while some are concerned about personal safety. Our Teen/Adult curriculums will enhance fitness, build confidence, promote creativity and equip students with practical self-defense skills for a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

Get fit, learn new skills, make friends and adopt a healthy lifestyle.



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