KIBUKAN®, derived from Japanese symbolism meaning “Warrior House of Power” (a reference to Masters In Motion), is a traditionally modern martial arts system that combines science, art and philosophy for a holistic pathway to better living, promoting health, balance and harmony as a way of life.


In the 5th century, a warrior monk named Bodhidharma travelled from India to a Shaolin temple in China. There he developed a series of breathing and strengthening techniques to help the monks improve their meditation training. Over time, fighting arts were incorporated into this foundation and gave rise to the martial arts of Shaolin. These arts eventualy found their way to Okinawa and eveolved into what we now call Karate.

Okinawa's unique geographical location as a trade route contributed to making Karate the original “mixed martial art”. Karate was primarily formulated from a blend of indigenous Okinawan martial arts called “Te”, Chinese Kung-Fu and Japanese Jujutsu.

Centuries of development, refinement and testing made Karate one of the most formidable and diverse fighting systems ever developed. It's arsenal included striking, grappling and weapons application agains single or multiple simultaneous opponents. Therefore, only the warrior class and royalty were taught Karate’s higher teachings and secrets. These practitioners also enjoyed optimal health, dexterity and longevity as a byproduct of their unique training, balanced diet and disciplined lifestyle.

In the 20th century, Karate became more mainstream and was readily adopted by Okinawa’s general public as a peaceful lifestyle for its inherent self-improvement and health benefits. The result produced the largest concentration of the healthiest, longest living people in the world. Today, Karate and its weapons counterpart, referred to as Kobudo, are practiced worldwide in many variations and for different applications including self-defense, fitness, wellness and sport competition.


KIBUKAN® draws on the historically proven techniques and holistic practices inherently found in traditional martial arts, scientifically quantified, structured and presented for modern times. The KIBUKAN® system is formulated from authentic martial lineages that include striking grappling and weapons, directly passed down for hundreds of years, simplified and taught as:

  • Science that focus on correct, efficient movement and breathing to heal and strengthen the body naturally for optimal performance.

  • Art that promotes a personal expression of power and individual creativity through the mastery of skill, self-discipline and strategy.

  • Philosophy that encourages simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness as a basis in everyday life.


KIBUKAN® living is a set of ideals and practices that inspire healthier, happier and more confident lives that have relevance and sense of purpose.


Utlimatetly, KIBUKAN® practice offers a method of self-awareness by striving to develop ourselves through the systematic training of mind, body and spirit to the height of human potential.

Get fit, learn new skills, make friends and adopt a healthy lifestyle.



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